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I hate talking about myself so lets take a trip down memory lane and meet some of my beautiful couples. 

IMG_3643 2_edited.jpg
What an honour. Say hi to the lovely Mr&

Meet Mel and Damian Colvin

Maybe one day I will be updating this page with a pic of their little bubby - furry or other!

The sentence that said it all with this couple was 'excuse me number 23'.

This couple chose to leap into love and this was a challenge.  They reminded me that sometimes it is fear that leads us to love.  Beautiful couple, living and loving life!

Meet Nelson and Daisy Brown.

One of my first couples and definitely a love story.


This is their little Nancy below and they are expecting their second in July 2020.

Nelson said that when he gave Daisy his coat the night he met her, he knew he had given her his heart.


Chris and Grace

Chris and Grace both medical professionals made the decision to go from a 140 people wedding to a zoom wedding.  Initially disappointed that plans had changed, they both recognised that in the end their love was the most important thing- the party could be later!

Grace has recently become a Consultant Oncologist and Chris is working hard behind the scenes in Health-both recognising the fragility and importance of life and living in the moment.  It was such a pleasure.

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