Sarah and Rhys

Oh my, when love came to town he found these two in a hurry.

Both passionate artists in their own way, Sarah, a videographer and Rhys a street artist,  this couple had a Plenty of Fish love story with an ending so beautiful and natural.  It was an easy love story to write.  As Sarah had written, she had found her missing piece of her puzzle. Check out Rhys artwork by clicking on the link below.

Welcome to Mr and Mrs Kerryn and Joel Quinn

A love story that culminated over 12 years and included an apple cake, a gym membership and a combined love of footy.

Their love for each other was a celebration of their love for family and connection.  Their love is enhanced by the village of love that surrounds them.

This love story will be around for a long time, even if it is 'like marrying my mother'.  Only a man confident in love would dare to say that comment on his wedding day!

Meet April and Quinn

Couple of crazy cats from  the suburbs who's wedding location and dress code was straight out of Great Gatsby - they fell hard, fast and passionately, including a potential kidnapping early in their dating life.  With all the theatrics that love brings, this couple was my own Bonnie and Clyde.

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