COVID and your Wedding 

Wedding's in 2020 were either non existent or veryyyyyyyyyyy small.

When we are finally back on board , here are a few things that you will need to consider:

  • Registering the details of your guests.

  • Understanding that if you aren't well, stay at home.

  • What your venue can offer you.

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I just popped on to Etsy and found these little GEMS! to add to your wedding day.

Your guests will need to practice good hygiene and follow the rules that are applicable when you marry.

Set the scene.  Let them know that things will be different but their presence is so important to you that small hardships are worth having loved ones around.

Contact your venue and see what social distancing will look like - how many people does that physically mean that you can have on the day?  Can you have a band/DJ as well?  Are kids included in this amount?

Be prepared for the unknown.  Everyone in the wedding industry are waiting to make your day special so trust in their guidance.

Guest Register

This is a QR code.  When using Your Day by Debbie, I will allocate your day with a QR code.

You can place this on your wedding invitation or pass it on to your attendees.

They will need to scan the QR code via their phone and log in on the day of your wedding.

This will help to record all your attendees and their information in case of outbreaks.  It will be stored safely for two weeks after your wedding in case it is needed. 


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