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True love that has covered distances as far as Paris to Melbourne.  Love was very patient for Patrick and Leo with 8+ years waiting for this moment to arrive.  A small group yet filled with such big love.  What a gift to be a part of their story.

Covid made them wait and with family so far away and unable to make the trip broke their hearts . In the end love happened and family watched via Facetime.  It isn't always how we dreamed but love is still real and you know, a party is a party regardless how small!

14 years in the making with a proposal hidden in a suitcase on holidays in Thailand.

Some people may ask, why now?  You have babies, a home and life - whats just a piece of paper now after all these years?

It's the celebration.  That desire to share love and stories and tell everyone, 'we want you to witness this moment and feel our love, our joy and happiness'.  Such a lovely family full of fun and grace.  

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